52 Weeks of Transformation for Speakers & Trainers Online Course

Get 52 weekly transformational lessons for speakers and trainers led by Mike Domitrz (author and international speaker). Whether you are new to giving presentations or a veteran speaker, this is your course for creating “Aha” discoveries throughout the year. The AHA Center is for speakers and trainers - from the newest to the most experienced - who have a passion for sharing with others and want to deepen their skill sets for connecting with all audiences, including the most challenging ones.

Each week, get exclusive content, education, and resources from more than 20 years of experience - along with interviews with other top speakers. Discover everyday Ahas for all aspects of your speaking and training.


This is your course filled with fellow speakers and trainers dedicated to strengthening each other’s ability to engage audiences while positively impacting the world.

What do YOU want to work on? What skills would you love to gain? What transformation would you like to see in your speaking? Below are just a few of the skills and lessons both beginners and highly advanced professionals will discover in this online course: 

  • Story Telling
    • Beginners:
      • How to Write a Story and Share It
    • Advanced Pros:
      • How to Make YOUR Story the Audience's Story
  • Integrating Humor with the Toughest Topics
    • Beginners:
      • Where to draw humor from
    • Advanced Pros:
      • Listening to the Voice on Your Shoulder
      • Knowing the LINE to cross or not cross
  • Creating conversations with audiences
  • Engaging the Heckler into an "Aha" for the Audience
    • Beginners:
      • How to React in the Moment
      • The exact words to respond with
    • Advanced Pros:
      • How to turn a "Heckling" moment into one of the biggest takeaways your audience will ever experience
  • "Call & Response" (Mike is known for his unique approach with this tool)
    • Beginners:
      • Discovering the Power of a Question
    • Advanced Pros: 
      • Letting go of control while absolutely maintaining it
      • Giving the audience ownership in where the program is going
      • The key strategies to enabling your clients to see and hear the "Aha"s your audience has from "Call & Response."
  • Inspiring Positive Behavioral Changes in under 1 Hour
    • Beginners:
      • How to Plan Out Your Program
    • Advanced Pros: 
      • Learn the "Rule of 3" Mike applies that enables every audience to walk with 3 positive behavioral changes from every program
      • This concept is the difference between an audience "loving" the speaker and the audience's life being transformed
  • How to Approach Every Age Demographic 
  • Leading with Inclusivity
    • Beginner:
      • Why Inclusivity Matters with ALL Audiences
    • Advanced Pro:
      • Realize who you are currently leaving out or maybe even turning away who could be reached
  • Writing for Stage that Converts to Blogging & Publishing
  • Designing the Layout of a Great Speech
  • and much, much more

Building Financial Freedom

Many new and veteran speakers struggle with how to build a financially strong speaking practice. If you can't manage your money or financially last, your ability to get your message out to the world will die quickly. In his first 24 months of speaking professionally, Mike Domitrz went from zero speaking engagements to over 70 in a year. You will learn precisely what he did and HOW he did it.

Here are vitally important questions Mike will answer for strengthening your marketing, sales, and financials:

  • How do you market effectively that results in getting more speaking events?
  • How do you become known as one of the leading experts in your field?
  • How do you mange the money side of speaking to create financial freedom?
  • As you get better and provide more value, how do you raise your fees successfully?
  • How do you get an awesome repeat and referral track record of clients constantly bringing you back?

Oh and of course - the greater you are on stage, the more clients tell others about you! No marketing beats fantastic delivery of content and engagement.

Resources for Long-Term Success

This is your 24/7 resource for growth—both on and off stage (from speaking skills to the business side). We have gathered together Best Practices, powerful insights, vital skill sets, resources, and tools from around the globe to take your message, speaking, and training to the next level. Here are just a few of the weekly lessons you'll get sharing priceless resources:

  • Using Technology before, during, and after
  • Building the Essential Website
  • How to Make Your Clients' Lives Easier
  • Getting Video Testimonials at Every Event
  • The Keys to a Perfect Room Setup
  • Podcasting for Spreading Your Mission
  • Have Shows Calling You to be Their Guest
  • Maximizing Social Media & Online Media
  • Building a BUSINESS (including budgeting)
  • Finding the Right Support Team
  • Masterminds: How to Find and/or Create One
  • Book Publishing
  • Thriving in Your Unique Ability

Leading Experts

Your access to exclusive weekly education and strategies emailed to your inbox—combined with monthly bonuses and live webinars featuring industry leaders including Hall of Fame Speakers who will share their secrets to success with you!

  • Each LIVE webinar is customized to those in the course - send in your questions beforehand for Mike to choose from when interviewing each thought-leader
  • Listen to past webinars made available to download

Your Host & Instructor

Mike Domitrz, CSP, has been speaking to tens of thousands each year for educational institutions, the US Military around the world, and organizations of all sizes.  Learn all about Mike . . .

What You Can Expect

Each week, you will receive specific, intentional, and impactful education to help you in your role as a speaker and a trainer. Mike has been doing this work for more than 20 years, and he is holding nothing back—you get everything! All his tips, hacks, online workshops, education—every week. Plus, he will be sending you monthly bonus content and one of his favorites...the opportunity to join him on a live, monthly webinar, in real-time, with other influential speakers and experts. Can’t make it to one of the webinars? That’s okay—Mike will record them and add them to your center. How cool is that?

Let’s talk about the first 18 weeks....

For the first 18 weeks, Mike lays a foundation for success with a workshop called “Education Through Engagement.” This is an intense, 3-day live workshop that he does around the world. He has broken it into manageable segments for you to absorb in an on-demand format. Each week, watch the video footage from an actual training session. You get over 14 hours of video lessons from this program alone in the first 18 weeks of this 52-week course. That way, you can work on a segment, go practice it, and be ready the next week for the next section.

“Oh, no!” you say...you have a life. Say it isn’t so. Just kidding. We totally get it—life happens. That is why this platform is so amazing. If you can’t get to a section, just come back here when your schedule allows and continue at your own pace. After all, this is your Aha Center!

Get It All

The "52 Weeks of Transformation for Speakers & Trainers“ Course is designed for people like you who have a passion for sharing with others—to help deepen your skill sets for connecting with unique and challenging audiences. In the first 18 weeks alone, Mike will personally walk you through 9 specific skills sets, 2 speaker hacks that are his all-time favorites, and 2 very important marketing tips—ones that make the difference between talking to a packed house and talking to empty chairs. Along the way, we invite you to build your personal skill sets with the skill-set worksheets provided in most of the sections.

What’s after 18 weeks? More fun! We start a series on “Marketing” and from there...much much more, but we don’t want to give it all away now. After all, thinking about the next 18 weeks is probably more than enough.

Are you ready to get started? Yes? Awesome! Let’s go!


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Using Humor with Tough Topics

The fastest way to break down people’s barriers so they will engage with you is through a single laugh. When speaking on a difficult topic, incorporating effective humor is essential for helping the audience not get bogged down in too heavy of a mental state.